Jonathan Mullins Sr. has been in the insurance and financial services industry for over ten years. From the
beginning, the absolute necessity for customer value and service became obvious and he created a
value-centered passion for his customers. Jonathan has forged ahead in the financial and insurance industry with
emphasis on customer product education and continuing to help customers meet their financial goals. Jonathan is
on the Board of Directors for the local chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.
NAIFA promotes legislative advocacy for proper care of the agent and the client is the number one priority.

Protection for Tomorrow, Peace for Today

In May of 2009, Jonathan created Central Virginia Financial Services, LLC, and endeavored to broker his
experience and passion to find the right company and product for his clients. His continuing goal is not to just have
clients, but to have friends whom he can help find peace in their future.

Who is Jonathan and Why Should I Trust Him?

Jonathan has lived in Central Virginia for 18 years, and calls Lynchburg home. He is a graduate of Liberty Bible
Institute, an extension of Liberty University. Jonathan was a young father of two by the age of 23, a grandfather at
the age of 44, and cared for aging parents. Therefore, he is well aware of the financial and emotional challenges
that face the young struggling couples, single parents, parents of college students, and concerned seniors as they
plan for their futures. Jonathan is your neighbor, someone who can relate to your unique situation, and someone
that can use his expertise to find a customized plan for your needs, wants and dreams. Contact him today for a
free evaluation, and even more importantly, an old- fashioned chat!