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According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute's 2009 Retirement Confidence Survey, workers who
say they are very confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement dropped to 13% (down
from 41% in 2007) the lowest level since the survey's inception in 1993.
An Immediate Annuity is also an investment with an insurance company where a bulk amount
of money, either through a fixed annuity payout option, a life insurance policy, or cash is
deposited into an account. The next step is to choose a payout option. This is usually monthly,
quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Then a duration is chosen usually 5 years and above.
There are also other factors that can be worked in such as life options (payments for life) and
cost of living adjustments. All of these play a part in the pricing of the payouts to be made.

-  Purchase is irrevocable. Once the payments are set, and you have agreed to the terms,
cannot be changed. * No known option or rider is known by me at this time. ** Some carriers
are incorporating an acceleration feature that can be implemented with some penalties of    

- Guaranteed Payments
- Proportionate payout of taxable and already taxed funds.
- Payments "may" be passed on to beneficiaries depending on option chosen at beginning of
- used as a tool for "spend-thrift" type situation where a recipient does not have the option to
spend large sums of money. They can only spend what they will get. This is used for parents
gifts to children, and other estate planning scenarios.

As a "
Certified Annuity Specialist" I feel uniquely qualified to discuss every aspect of an
immediate annuity with you to help you feel comfortable while evaluating  the suitability of this
investment with you.